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Added to the extended gameplay are the Eldritch Temple and Eldritch Town where you
can craft items that you can enhance.

There are Travel Agents to quickly teleport you to all town locations and biodomes.
Home portals can be purchased or found. They stackble so you can always be
prepared to teleport home.

You are encouraged to build your early homes near the towns where you have access
to everything. Then when ready, pack it up and move to your next level location.

When you have learned the skills, crafted the items, explored the lands, uncovered all
of the travel agents and experienced the extended gameplay; that is the recommended
time to claim your land for your dream base.

A Baba Yaga mobile-home option is planned for ease of moving your home base in the
not too distant future. Imagine the tension of fighting off a purge while escorting
your home to its next location!

Knowledge tomes to guide you while learning about the Krabbit Lore coming soon.

KrabbitExiles maps mod is in progress and will be added when the first dungeon
is complete.

Admins are passionate, game devs and active players, always available, keeping
mods up to date and adding fresh content to the game.