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PVE server open to the public, no password required.
Come Play!
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Aim to inspire!

Artful Building:
Structures should blend with or enhance the environment.

No Dominance:
No base should sprawl an area so massive it interferes with the beauty of the landscape. Everyone can experience the joy, tension and anticipation of discovery.

Our mission is to encourage un-monitored creative game play. Discretion will be used while builders are learning. Report concerns to admins Teella and Neekah.

*Please note the following guidelines:
No base should be excessively massive.
Any base with large walls in exploration areas must have a passthru.
Open game = more fun, stronger, more creative community.
There will be no bullying or harassment of other players.
Sandstone builds of any kind are not permitted in non-desert biodomes.
All players must upgrade their bases to higher level mats upon reaching level 60.
Bases untended (no log-in or regular gameplay) for one month will be demolished to make room for active players.