Connect to KrabbitWorld Exiles modded PVE server

logo for KrabbitWorld Exiles server

The game now plays like a combination of Diablo 2, City of Heroes and of course the base Conan Exiles game. New content and game settings make it a more enriched
RPG experience but without a requirement of enforced RP.
It’s a family oriented server. No nudity, no ERP. No age restrictions.
Safe for grandchildren to join.

In KrabbitWorld Exiles you can have magic and superpowers but this is balanced
by having to face increasingly difficult enemies. Darth Krabbits and Undead Kings
with their laser weapons will challenge your polished combat skills.
You can defeat them provided you are high enough level, geared up with armour and
weapons and have your leveled up, geared up powerful Krabbit Sidekicks by your side.

Players can purchase laser weapons, Boots of Speed, the Blink Spell and the powerful
Krabbit Sidekicks from select merchants. Custom crafting tables for laser weapons and
spells coming soon. Krabbit worker thralls, (more effective than vanilla thralls)
can be captured and trained just like regular thralls.

A currency exchange merchant will convert your collected coins into spendable cash
for purchases at all vendors. Professional Traders will sell to and buy from you.

No more drab environments and skin tones, lack of ear choices and hair colours.
You can be an elf with glowing eyes and any skin colour. You can create fantastic
encampments by designing custom lighting with our own multicoloured torches
you can craft on your own.

There is no longer the need to race to the location of choice to build your dream base.
Towns and camps are strategically placed for your service. All towns have open crafting
stations and merchants of many kinds to supply your needs as you go.
Now with the extended gameplay you can rediscover the map at a slower pace while
leveling more quickly to prepare yourself to solo the most challenging dungeons.

Be forewarned. There are surprises about the lands. Be on your guard. more...